Oh, I'm for sure stealing this water.

This actually happened last year, but I never wrote about it because I got lazy.

I was on register during a shift at Old Navy and a woman came in with her two kids. They were pretty loud and rude the whole time they were there. The woman was the kind of customer who was constantly yelling questions at us at the register, interrupting our conversations with customers who had waited in line even though there were definitely people on the sales floor who could have helped her. 

The children were running all over the place because the mother obviously didn’t care. 

She eventually came through the line with a huge bag, but only ended up buying about half of the items she had brought up with her. (My favorite!) 

While I was checking her out, the children were nowhere to be seen. They may have stopped by once or twice, but she was at the register for maybe ten minutes or so and I saw them for a total of about 45 seconds.

When her transaction was over and I gave her her receipt, she asked, “Oh, did you get their water?”

“Sorry, what water?”

“My kids. They had a water.”

“Oh, no, I didn’t get that; I didn’t see them up here.” Clearly, this means she needs to pay for a bottle of water that her kids have.

So, obviously, she just says, “Okay,” and leaves.

And here's the kicker: She has them leave the almost-empty water bottle in the front of the store. So like yeah, they stole it, but they didn't actually remove the bottle from the store, which makes it okay. Or something.

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