More thoughts on Craigslist job postings

Let's dive beyond the stupid titles of Craigslist job postings today and look at the truly awful content.

There are some actually legitimate jobs on Craigslist, which is why I still use it for my job search. But sifting through all the crap is definitely not fun. Companies expect too much effort for too little compensation, and the job market is so bad that they'll (unfortunately) probably get it.

Let's look at some examples.

This first one is from a listing for a "Thursday and/or Friday" internship at an art gallery, where you are basically a receptionist / maybe get to help with a few installations. But they also need you to be good at Photoshop in case they decide to have you design all the fliers for a gallery opening or something. And it's unpaid, of course, but they do provide lunch. How sweet!

This one is whatever; it seems like a fine job and it might be legit. But what is with all these questions? With an ad that didn't ask those questions, job candidates would respond with a cover letter, which would cover question number one, and a resume, which would cover question number two. The fact that you included these questions in the job ad makes me think you're targeting this job toward children or people who have never applied to a job before. And how about saving question three for the interview? That is a total interview question.

Just — ugh. This is not how this works at all. This ad is a complete lie. They want you to think you're going to get experience with design and various design programs, but really it's 100 percent office work. It's also part time and an internship, but the title — "GRAPHIC DESIGN GRADUATE" — makes it clear they're not looking for a student. Also, calm down with the capitalization, bros. Like, some people capitalize their titles on Craigslist for visibility's sake, but you certainly don't need to capitalize everything in the listing. We've already clicked on the title.

Translation: Pay us money and we'll send you some PDFs disguised as a training class and then generously allow you to write for our site for cheap to free while you continue to find no jobs.

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