Adventures in Craigslist job hunting

I'm between full-time jobs right now (of course, I always have Old Navy) so I'm freelancing while I look for something full-time. This means I'm having tons of super-fun Craigslist adventures. I thought I'd share some of my very favorite job listings I found in the past three days.

Feel free to click the images to make them bigger if they're too small on whatever device you're reading them on.

This company is clearly looking for too many things. An SEO manager who is also a writer but mostly describes themselves as a filmmaker? Super easy to find, I'm sure.

Heh? These things don't necessarily go together? I'm ... so confused. And all the questions in the title certainly don't help make things any more clear. And yes, of course it's unpaid. I actually even read the description for this one and was still confused, so that's always good.

I mean, there's nothing that wrong with this one, it will probably make some out of work "Actor/Parkour/Gymnast" who specializes in impersonating Spiderman really happy. (Wait, "Parkour" isn't really a noun to describe a person, right? Should it be parkour enthusiast? Parkour master?)

Ah yes, the model-but-not-really casting post. The fact that they're calling for "hott young girls" concerned me, so I investigated further. The job is to hand out fliers at Dodger Stadium, and the sample picture was of someone who was certainly not a "young girl," so I think we're okay, it was just really, really poor word choice.

And last but not least is some creative use of quotation marks. If I'm reading this correctly, they'll compensate you (in some way that is not actual payment) to create (in some way that is not actually writing) a review-like thing (which is somehow not an actual review). Sound good?

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