When clickbait isn't even interesting at all

Ohhhh, Who What Wear. You tried.

Let me start this post by saying: I absolutely love Who What Wear. I've even applied to work there a few times. But they're being sucked into the world of clickbait and it's making me so sad.

Let's talk about an article I saw yesterday.

This article, called "This genius fitting room trick will change how you shop," (which like, OMG, drowning in clickbait) tells us the trick to avoiding buyer's remorse is to answer these three questions in the fitting room:

1. Does this truly fit me?
2. Can (and will) I pair this with at least three other items in my closet?
3. Am I financially able to purchase this?

Now, first of all, this is just the normal thought process everyone should have before they buy clothes anyway, so there's nothing about this that is groundbreaking or "genius."

But I digress. Toward the bottom, it says:

"Scroll down for 10 pieces everyone can say a resounding yes to!"

Now, I get that they're likely making the majority of their money from affiliate sales, which is why they have to include ten links to different items of clothing in every single post, even when the post doesn't lend itself to it, like in this case. I get it. But let's try to not be completely unhelpful, yes?

The problem here is that after teaching us that three-part question, one of which is basically, "Can I afford this?" they choose to show multiple pieces that cost more than $500 and spin them as pieces "everyone" will be able to answer yes to. This implies "everyone" should be able to answer those three questions with a yes, right?

In case Who What Wear's editors are so far out of touch with reality that they actually believe this, let me just clear something up for you: The vast majority of people can't afford that. We can't afford the $380 ring, we can't afford the $540 dress, we can't afford the $845 backpack, we can't afford the $258 blouse. We can't afford it in a tree, we can't afford it by the sea.

So if you're going to clickbait-ify your headline, at least make your article helpful and relevant enough that I won't be insulted by it.

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