Oh yeah, that's a known problem.

Let me tell you about some terrible customer service I received recently.

Neither of our Sallie Mae accounts have been updating in Mint for a few days. I figure because it's both of them it's probably an issue with Sallie Mae in general and not my account, but I decide to check anyway because I really like for everything to be up to date.

I check the Mint forums to see if it's a known problem. There's no mention of it there.

Since I'm pretty sure it's not a specific-to-me problem, I don't want to fill out a contact form, but I also don't want to just let it die, because I want my accounts updated! So I go to Twitter. Mint has an entire Twitter account specifically for support. It's called, surprisingly enough, Mint Support. (@mintsupport)

I scroll through Mint Support's recent tweets and don't see anything, so then I go check the main account and don't see anything there.

So I decide to tweet at Mint Support. I ask, "Is there a known problem with Sallie Mae accounts right now? I have two different Sallie Mae accounts, neither has updated in 4 days." (I fixed a couple of things I had to abbreviate in the original tweet, so it's not an exact quote.)

I don't hear anything for 22 hours. Now, that's not thaaaaat long, but it's longer than it should take to answer a very simple yes or no question.

So I follow up. In a linked tweet, I ask, "Anything?" and cc the main Mint account.

Twenty minutes later -- yes, twenty minutes, so they definitely should have been able to answer my first tweet in less than 22 hours -- I get a response. And awesome, it's a completely unhelpful one. They answered, "Pls complete our Contact Mint form so our support team can take a look: [URL] Thx!"

Okay, a couple of things here.

First of all, I asked a yes or no question. Answer yes or no. "Is there a known problem?" is one of the easiest things to answer because it requires basically zero research. It's either a problem you know about or it's not. So why can't you include that in your answer?

Secondly, because they were telling me to fill out a form, I assume it's not a known problem. I think that should have been a safe assumption, because if it had been a known problem, they could have just said yes. I mean, right?

Well, no.

I go on and fill out the form because, as I mentioned, I'm assuming from their answer that it isn't a known problem and is, therefore, a problem with my account.

About a day later, I get an email saying "Yeah, that's a known problem," and get this -- directing me (a little condescendingly) to the forum. YUP. The forum. The first place I checked.

Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know.

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