The Tinashé concert that never was

I was inadvertently taken on an emotional journey this morning, and I want you guys to experience it with me.

I use a website called Songkick to track music artists I want to see live. The site sends you an email when an artist you like has a show in your area.

So I got an email today that Tinashé was playing in West Hollywood next week and I was SO PUMPED. Matt and I have loved Tinashé for years and he's never toured anywhere near us.

This is the email I received.
So I obviously click the "Buy tickets" button right away, to see how much the concert costs.

As it loads (the internet at work is a little slow) I am getting more and more excited. We've wanted to see him for so long, and he's so great and pleasant and still relatively unknown, so there probably won't even be that much of a crowd, and it's just going to be the BEST CONCERT EVER. (Clearly, I was a little too excited.)

So the page finally loads.
This is the page on Songkick telling me Tinashé is going to be in town.
I click the button at the bottom to buy tickets through Ticketweb, getting more excited by the second, and then this is what comes up:
This is the actual event page through the ticketing website.
In case you can't tell, that's not the Tinashé we wanted. That's Tinashe, with no accent mark, the female R&B / urban soul vocalist (apparently) that sort of shares a name with the one we like.

"Sad" is a feeling I felt, but it's not really a strong enough word.

The worst part is that this is absolutely nobody's fault. Songkick is an automated service that picks up event listings from ticketing websites. "Tinashé" and "Tinashe" are obviously close enough to be considered a match most of the time, and Songkick didn't differentiate between them.

I still love Songkick, I still love Tinashé and I am completely ambivalent about Tinashe. But I'm not paying any money to go see her. Not even when the tickets are only $10.

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