People who can't commit to a 30-minute game

This blog post is going to be about video games, so buckle up.

I've been playing League of Legends lately, so I'm starting to get a little insight into #gamerprobz. Now, before I say anything, please note that I am neither good at nor very knowledgeable about gaming in general or League of Legends specifically.

If you don't know anything about League of Legends, here is all you need to know for the purposes of this post. Games can last anywhere from 15 minutes to more than an hour, but the average seems to be around 30-45 minutes. That, however, is only the game itself. It can also take five minutes or so to set up your team and load into the game.

Furthermore, the team aspect is very important. There are a few different game styles, but the most popular one is a 10-player game, with two teams of five. Your team is very much counting on you and when a team is down a player, it becomes significantly more difficult for that team to win. 

So basically, unless you have an hour or so to commit, you shouldn't be starting a game of League of Legends, because if you back out before the game is over, you greatly hurt your team's chances of winning.

So, in League, you can chat with the other players inside the game. Every once in a while, someone will chat, "BRB," go back to base and go AWOL for a few minutes. This is pretty rude, because any sort of absence can put your lane or your whole team behind. But even better, sometimes people will share the reason they need to be gone, and goodness gracious, people leave for the dumbest reasons!

Let's look at a few of them.

Last night, in a game Matt was playing, someone said, "BRB, I have to go take my medication." Okay. Obviously, if there's some sort of medical emergency, like my friend whose fiancee had to quit a game because of kidney stones, that's fine, and people will be perfectly reasonable about it. But if it's a normal, routine medicine, either take it before or after the game or, if it needs to be taken right on time, check the clock and don't start a game that you might still be in when it becomes time to take your medicine!

Parents are another frequent reason for people quitting. As with most video games, a lot of people who play this game are pretty young and therefore live with their parents. Sometimes they have to quit because their mom is calling them for dinner. Obviously, the solution to this is to check with her beforehand to see when dinner is going to be, then not start a game within an hour of that time.

A friend of mine played with someone whose dad came into his room during the game and unplugged his computer. I would assume the kid wasn't supposed to be playing, because most reasonable parents don't shut down their children's computers with zero warning. So the solution here is to not play a game when you've been explicitly told not to by the person or people in charge of you.

I also heard from some friends who played with people who left for slightly more legitimate reasons, among them house fires and attacking pets. Of course, they could have been making it up or exaggerating, but I almost feel like this is a situation where that's a little better than the truth.

The moral of the story is this: Don't start a cooperative team game if you can't dedicate the necessary amount of time to it. It's rude, and everyone hates you.

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