Polyester is like, crazy toxic.

While I was working at Old Navy today, a young woman came up to me and told me she had a question. I asked what I could help her with and she answered, "You guys used to have like, 100 percent cotton everything, but now you use a ton of polyester in stuff."

Okay, so there's not a question anywhere in there. I nodded and waited for her to continue, but she was done. 

"So how can I help you then?"

"Well like, that sucks."

As politely as I could, I responded, "I'm really sorry about that."

"Uh, yeah, it sucks cuz polyester is like, crazy toxic."

Again, not really much I can say here, right? I answered, "Again, I'm sorry about that."

She finally got around to her question when she asked, "So like, do you know if you have anything that's 100 percent cotton?"

Unfortunately, we don't have our clothes organized by their material makeup, so I answered, "I honestly have no idea, I guess you would just have to look at the tags to see."

She sighed heavily and answered, "Well you need to tell them how much this sucks, because I can't shop here anymore if everything has polyester in it."

I responded with the only rational thing I knew to say to that: "You can feel free to write a letter to corporate, but we have no control over that whatsoever."

So what did we learn today, kids? 

1. Polyester is toxic, so we're apparently all going to die soon from all these clothes we've been wearing.
2. Retail employees have a direct pipeline to corporate, so feel free to complain to them about things they have no control over.

... Yeah, that sounds about right.

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