Kevin Skaggs guest blogs: Bathroom creep

So, Mary Jane and I went to the movies Thanksgiving night, as is our tradition (usually with Kristin and Matt, but whatever). After the movie, we each went separately to the restroom.

In the bathroom, there were two urinals. The one on the right was being used, so I went to the one on the left. On arriving to my urinal, I noticed the other guy was urinating on the floor. My first thought was that he just missed and would correct soon, but no, he kept peeing on the floor.

I looked up and he was blankly staring at the wall with his eyes wide open. It almost looked like he might be blind (though that's still no reason to pee on the floor).

As I started my business, I noticed his urine was flowing toward my feet. So with one eye on him and one eye on my urinal, I had to back up to keep my feet from getting wet. When the guy finished, he walked over to the sink and washed and dried his hands. During this sequence, it became clear that he wasn't blind.

He left, and when I walked out, I saw him meet up with his wife and leave like everything was fine. Seriously, man? What a creep!

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