Stop shaming Taylor Swift for not being a mom.

I've seen a meme on Pinterest a few times comparing Adele and Taylor Swift and I'm getting tired of it. It goes a little something like this:

Okay, no. A couple of things are wrong here.

First of all, Adele (May 5, 1988)  is a year and seven months older than Taylor Swift (December 13, 1989). So they are never the same age.

Second, it's not like Adele is what you should be aspiring to. There's obviously nothing wrong with being a mom at 25, but there's also nothing wrong with NOT being a mom at 25. Like ... at all.

I can't believe I'm defending Taylor Swift here because, oh man, I can't stand her, but here we go. As juvenile as her songs may be, she's a 23-year-old singing about relationships. That's not abnormal. Being in a relationship or having children doesn't make you more mature or put you more on track. Some people with kids are less mature than some people without them. Being a mom has no bearing on your maturity level.

And the age thing? You don't have to have kids or a husband or even a serious relationship at 23, or 25, or even 30. You can be single and childless your whole life if you want. You can hop from relationship to relationship with every famous person you can get your hands on if you want. Taylor Swift isn't behind in whatever weird timeline you have going in which Adele is apparently right on track. She's doing fine and makes way more money than Adele anyway.

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