Hotels, get your breakfast game together.

We are currently in the process of moving from Evansville, Ind., to Los Angeles, Calif., and we'll be staying in a few hotels along the way. Last night, we stayed at the Baymont Inn in Evansville, since we had moved out of our apartment yesterday afternoon.

Now, as a rule, hotel breakfasts are pretty bad. But the circumstances of this one made me so angry.

First of all, the cups at hotel breakfasts are always absolutely tiny. I pretty much always have to get at least two refills. I get why they do this, but like, come on. Let us get an actual drink with our meal.

Keep that in mind while you read the next part.

We had already noticed as we checked in that the breakfast room was seriously tiny. There were only three tables. But the hotel in general was also pretty small, so we thought it might work out.


Mom and Dad had already taken one trip to the car before Matt and I were ready, and they noticed that the breakfast tables were full. When we all went down for breakfast more than half an hour later, they were still full ... with the same people.

The people at two of the three tables were completely done eating. ALSO, there were two empty couches right beside them. So like, move so other people can eat, right? That's rational.

So we get our breakfast, look around, make eye contact with the people who AREN'T EATING, and resign ourselves to the fact that we're going to have to eat breakfast in the room. As we head upstairs with our tiny cups that are full to the brim, I think -- Is this the excellent customer service we're supposed to expect?

Obviously the hotel couldn't do anything about the people sitting there, but they should have more than three tables in the breakfast nook, or at the very least, they should have cups that are adequate for adult humans.

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