Move your car!

Matt and I just moved into a new apartment in the same complex I've been in since I moved to Evansville.

This morning, I opened the door to leave and saw that there was a full sheet of paper taped to the door with "MOVE YOUR CAR!" scrawled on it.

Like, whoa. Hold on there.

Background: our cars just so happened to be in the first two parking spots in front of the building this morning. We haven't necessarily been parking there every day, but Matt's car has been there for maybe two days without moving.

So first, I got really concerned that we had accidentally parked in a poorly-marked handicapped spot. But this was not the case, and once I found that out, I got MAD.

You, anonymous jerk, have absolutely no right to tell me where to park. There are no assigned parking spots in this complex, except the covered ones that you have to pay for. The fact that you had been parking in one of those spots before we moved in does not guarantee you that spot forever, nor does it mean you have some sort of claim on it.

We went to the office to make sure we weren't breaking some unknown rule or something and they confirmed that we can park wherever we please, including those two spots.

And the worst part about this is we don't even know who this person is. We have an idea of what car they drive, because it's the only car that has been parking right next to us, but we don't even know that for sure.

What a warm welcome, though, right? Thanks for not even bothering to introduce yourself to your new neighbors before leaving angry notes on our door.

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