Another collection of bumper stickers

Today's theme is: Things that are not important enough to put on your car.

First up, we have a giant ode to some country album.
I was a little surprised to find out it was country music, as the logo and font makes me think of something closer to ... metal, I guess. Feel free to listen to the first song on the album, "My Baby Looks Good in Camouflage." Yikes.

Next is someone who cares a little too much about a video game.
It says, "Eat. Sleep. Prestige." WOOOO, Call of Duty. I just can't imagine feeling so strongly about a video game that I would want it on my car.

Next is an ode to our favorite mustelid, the honey badger.
Yes, sure, the video is very funny. But to have it ON YOUR CAR? Why?

And finally, a bonus:
Yes, that truck is approximately as tall as the ceilings inside that restaurant.

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