I've gotta get you some sweatpants!

I'm not a huge fan of sweatpants. I own one pair and I only wear them around the house. The only time I ever wear them out is if I'm exercising in the winter.

The fact that I don't like to wear sweatpants doesn't necessarily mean I judge people who do wear them. Yes, I will judge you for wearing overly ratty sweatpants in public, and yes, I will judge you for wearing sweatpants to class. But that's pretty much it.

Now that I've exposed my sweatpants bias, I want to tell you a story that happened at Old Navy the other day.

I was checking out two women. One was wearing jeans and one was wearing sweatpants. The one wearing sweatpants was also buying more sweatpants. Go figure. So as I'm checking this woman out, she's going on and on about sweatpants to her friend. "Man, I just love 'em. They're so cute and comfortable. It's all I ever wear," and so on.

Then, she says, "You should wear sweatpants more often."

Her friend says, "I look like a fat ho in sweatpants."

The first woman responds, "No, you don't."

The friend says, "Yes, I do. You've never seen me in sweatpants."

And the first woman answers, "That's right, I haven't! I've gotta get you some sweatpants!"


Never in my life have I encountered a bigger advocate of sweatpants! And I just thought it was insane. Who loves sweatpants this much? I mean, I don't know anyone who wears sweatpants when they want to look cute. You wear sweatpants when you're studying late or lounging around the house or don't have anything else to wear. MAYBE you wear cutesy sweatpants when you're running errands. But I don't think very many rational people stand in front of the mirror in sweatpants and think, "Man, I look good."

But anyway, even if we weren't worrying about the fact that this woman enjoys sweatpants entirely too much, WHY in the WORLD is she trying to push them on her friend, who obviously doesn't like them? And it was especially awkward because the sweatpants-lover was really skinny, and the sweatpants-hater was significantly larger. So it's pretty clear that this woman is very self-aware and knows she doesn't look good in sweatpants, only to have her skinny friend insist she's crazy for thinking she doesn't. Way to be a great friend.

And stop wearing sweatpants every day.

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