Geez, why's the enter button so small?

Okay, guys. Here is what the screens of the card readers at Old Navy look like when a person has swiped his or her debit card. The obvious next steps are entering your PIN and then hitting enter.

People press clear a lot when they mean to press enter. This is something that's been a problem since the day I started working at Old Navy. The only thing I can seem to link it to is that they expect the enter button to be where the clear button is, so they hit it without thinking, even though there's a HUGE enter button right beside it.

But it's not a big deal. When a customer says, "Oh, I hit clear instead of enter," I just say, "No problem, that just deleted the last number," and they'll enter the last number again and hit enter. Seriously, no problem.

This happened with a woman today. She typed in her four numbers, hit clear, and said, "Oh, oops, I hit clear." 

I said, "No problem, just enter the last number again."

She laughs and says, "Geez, maybe if the clear button wasn't so much bigger than the enter button, it would be a little easier."


The enter button is literally three times the size of the clear button. Don't try to blame the card reader when you're obviously completely wrong.

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