Mint is lying to me

We've talked before about my problems with Mint, but we also know that I love it overall and I continue to use it.

Okay. So Mint is obviously paid for through advertisements, but it doesn't have legitimate ads like most websites. It makes its money by suggesting that I sign up for a certain brand of credit card or suggesting specific investment options. All of this is fine, it's a necessary evil if I want a free budgeting tool and I just ignore it.

But I'm getting annoyed by Mint lately because it's lying to me.

Usually, Mint's advice will be something like this:

 It's nice and generic and could apply to anyone with more than a few hundred dollars in savings.

But this piece of advice popped up the other day:

And honestly, guys, it's just not true. I thought, "Hold on, Mint. I dine out a tiny amount. This is not applicable to me."

Seriously, I dine out once a week at the very most, and lately it's been more like once every two or three weeks.

The only time I've dined out "a lot" recently was when I was in Louisville in June.

So I clicked "Show details" to see what "a lot" meant to Mint, and this is what I found.

"Okay, no. There's literally no way I've spent more than $500 at restaurants in the past three months," I thought to myself. (Or maybe I said it out loud, who cares?)

Well. Since I keep track of my money, I decided I'd go back and see how much I really have spent at restaurants in the past three months.

Today is July 22nd. So that means three months is April 22nd through today.

Well would you look at this. First, I need to explain the GameStop transaction on June 10. I bought something Matt's dad was going to buy Matt's nephew because we happened to be at GameStop anyway, and his dad paid me back in cash, which I used to pay for Fuji the next day and dessert the day after that, which is why I counted it as a restaurant. I've also ordered pizza twice within the past three months, but I count that as groceries because:

So anyway, in the past three months, I've spent $193.67 on restaurants. And even if I was including the pizza, it would be about $225.

Can we talk about how NOT close to $500 this is? I mean, honestly, Mint. Don't lie to me.

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