A story about a U of M fan

A few days ago, I was at Old Navy and had a customer who was wearing a University of Michigan shirt.

During a lull in the checkout process, I asked, "Did you go to UofM?"

She answered, "Noooo, I wish! My husband has some friends who went there."

First of all, that's a really roundabout reason to be a fan of a team. You're not from there (she didn't explicitly say this, but she didn't include it as a reason, so I'm assuming she isn't), you didn't go there, nobody in your family went there, but your husband has some friends who went there? Okay.

But I wouldn't condemn anyone for that, especially because it's not like you have to be a huge fan of a team to own a shirt.

However, I do always feel the need to add that I went to Michigan State when I get into a conversation like this, because otherwise why would I have asked? So when she said that about her husband's friends, I said something along the lines of, "Ahh, gotcha. I went to Michigan State."

She responded sarcastically, "Oh man, I'm so sorry," by which she meant she was sorry for me that I went there, and then laughed hysterically.

First of all, Michigan State is a very good school, so don't get all haughty with me. Second, YOU DIDN'T EVEN GO TO MICHIGAN. You can't be a condescending UofM fan if you DIDN'T GO THERE.

I made a face that made it clear she wasn't funny, and she tried to recover with: "Just kidding. Anyway, are you from Michigan? Why'd you go there?"

I said, "I'm actually from Kentucky. I went to Michigan State and now I'm here for a job."

She made a face. "That's SO weird! Seriously, that's really bizarre."

Like, can I help you? It's not weird. Michigan State, once again, is a really good school, with students from all over the country and the world. I'm not the only person from Kentucky that's ever gone to MSU.

In conclusion, I really regretted asking her about her shirt.

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