Right, don't touch my baby though.

At Old Navy today, I had a customer with a baby in a stroller.

Attached to the stroller in a way that completely obstructed any outsider's view of the baby was a stop-sign shaped piece of plastic that read, "Please wash your hands before you touch mine." And it was attached with a zip tie. I seriously, seriously wish I could have taken a picture.

Like, first of all, are you really having so much trouble with strangers reaching into your stroller to touch your baby that you feel the need to post a sign on your stroller? I just feel like it can't be that common of an occurrence.

Secondly, aren't you supposed to let your baby be exposed to some germs so it can build up its immune system? That's how that works, right?

Either way, I found the sign incredibly tacky. If you don't want people to touch your baby, just pay attention to who's around it and ask them to keep their hands off if it seems like it's going to be an issue. Otherwise, just chill out and don't be such a crazy germaphobe.

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