Oh, you mean NEXT May.

I'm getting married in May. Because it's currently the end of June, I can say "May" now instead of "next May," which is what I had been saying since we set the date in February.

Why does this confuse people so much?

When I tell people (mostly jewelers, recently), they get this panicked "but-that's-so-soon" look until I say something like, "...so we have plenty of time." Then they rethink and say, "Ohhhh, you mean next May."

Well, yes. Because if it was this May, it would have already happened.


I just don't understand what's happening in your brain when you have an issue with this. Have you gone the whole month of June without realizing May already happened?

And the worst part is the "you mean" part, like they're correcting me. No, actually. I said exactly what I meant to say. I am getting married in the next May that is happening, so I don't have to qualify it with "next" to imply it's happening in 2013.

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