CHRISTmas, duh!

Wow, sorry this picture is so crappy!
Happy half-Christmas from someone who feels a little too strongly about a complete non-issue!

How in the WORLD do you care so much about keeping "Christ in Christmas" that you leave this magnet on your car year-round? Like, if this even was a serious issue (which it's not), it's definitely a seasonal issue, a concept you unfortunately don't seem to grasp. This is especially problematic because it's not even a bumper sticker! You absolutely have the choice to take this off whenever you want! So why don't we treat it like Christmas decorations and take it down by New Year's Eve?

I just feel a little silly being lectured about Christmas when the heat is this sweltering. It's difficult to concentrate.

At least the magnet isn't red and green. That would just be embarrassing.

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