And we wonder why USPS is failing

I'm planning a wedding. Wedding planning involves quite a bit of mail. The first piece of mail we'll be sending for our wedding is our save the dates. We're only sending them to people who live out of town (the town being Louisville) because they're the ones who have to make travel plans.

So anyway, our save the dates are in postcard form, which means I need to send them using postcard stamps. Postcard stamps are 32 cents.

Someone please explain to me why this piece of crap is the ONLY postcard stamp USPS has available for the foreseeable future.

Guess what tacky, horrible pieces of crap are not going anywhere near my precious, beautiful and stylish save the dates? OH YEAH. THESE ALOHA STAMPS.

I can't express how sad I was when the guy at the post office on Greenwood Road in Louisville told me this was my only option, and then proceeded to be a big jerk when I asked if he had any idea when there would be new ones, etc. (Etc. being all the other questions I asked. There were a few.)

But whatever, this post isn't about the rude post office worker, even though he was so totally rude.

It's about these awful stamps and how there is no reason for them to be the only option. The problem here is USPS is assuming the only people who send postcards are sending them from vacation.

There are various reasons to send postcards, and while vacations are one such reason, they are not the only one. I would guess the second most popular reason for postcards is probably wedding mail! We will be using postcards for save the dates and for the RSVP cards that are included with the invitations. People use postcards for wedding-related mail ALL THE TIME.

And I doubt that any bride who cares about the appearance of her wedding stationery wants to use Aloha stamps.

So anyway, my solution was to use STAMP MATH and order some 29 cent stamps and some 3 cent stamps, which I will use in conjunction on the save the dates. But I shouldn't have had to.

Get it together, USPS.

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