Put it all back

I had a customer Monday at Old Navy whose total was $68. One of the items she had was a toddler girl Hello Kitty swimsuit. It was $19.94.

When I told her the total, she stopped me. "Whoa, hold on." She looked intently at the screen on the card reader, obviously trying to figure out what had made her total so much higher than she was expecting.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "I thought the bathing suit was on clearance."

Let's stop for a second and ask ourselves why she thought this. There wasn't a clearance sticker on the tag. The suit could possibly have been in clearance, but the whole rack of suits in the bathing suit wall is clearly evidence that it was misplaced.  But here's the best part: I answered, "Oh, sorry, it looks like it's full price. Do you still want it?"

She hemmed and hawed for a little bit, trying, I thought, to decide whether or not to buy the bathing suit. Alas, she wasn't deciding on the bathing suit at all. She was deciding on all of it.

She finally spoke up and said, "Um, I'm just gonna pass."

I set the bathing suit aside, clearly still thinking she was talking about it, and she said, "No...I mean all of it."

I was somewhat surprised, and my face may have shown it a little when I said, "Oh! Okay."

She apologized and then said, "It's just that the swimsuit is the only reason I came in."

Okay, no.

First of all, how was the swimsuit the only reason you came in? You came in for that specific swimsuit that you happened to think was on clearance but actually wasn't? I don't believe you. Or if you're just saying you came in for A swimsuit, go back and get one of the several styles that are on sale for $10. Your grandchild is here with you and apparently needs a swimsuit, so swallow your pride a little and go grab a swimsuit that's on sale. Or, (and this is a crazy idea, so I apologize in advance) you could go on and buy her the swimsuit. I mean, it is Hello Kitty.

But whatever. Swimsuit aside, WHY are you not buying the remaining $50 worth of merchandise? You clearly wanted each item to begin with. The fact that your swimsuit dreams ended abruptly doesn't mean you have to put everything else away!

Sorry lady, but your reasoning doesn't make sense.

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