Why don't you have jorts?

OKAY, so maybe I didn't quit Old Navy. I ended up transferring. So here's something about that. :)

I think it's really awkward when people ask, "Why?" when you tell them you don't carry a certain style. The reason is almost always because the thing they're looking for is just not stylish, but how do you tell them that?

A question I get a lot this time of year is, "Why don't you carry jean shorts for guys?"

And I just want to say, "Why do you want them?"

They're SO, SO bad, and everyone knows it. We haven't carried them in a couple of years, but some people just can't seem to let them go!

So anyway, I usually say something like, "I don't really know, I guess it's just a style thing," which at least lets me get a little dig in.

But seriously, guys? Stop wanting to wear jorts. They're bad for you.

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