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So I got rid of my cable today because I just don't use it and I have Netflix and Hulu Plus, so...you know.

I set up an appointment a few days ago for them to come trap my cable, which is apparently a phrase. The lady on the phone asked which day and time would work for me, I checked my schedule for both jobs and said, "I think I can be home Wednesday morning."

She said, "Okay, how's 10-12 Wednesday?"

I said that was fine, I could be here then, and she set it up.

Okay. So this morning, I make sure I'm up and ready by 10, which isn't difficult, of course, but still. And then I don't leave. I have some things I need to take care of and I ended up having an opportunity to pick up a shift at Old Navy, so I was sacrificing a little to stay home.

Noon rolls around and nobody has come by, but I understand that this is how the world works, so I wait. 12:30 happens and I get annoyed. So I call Insight's 800 number (the one that was on the brochure they gave me when they installed the cable in the first place) and talk to a really rude person in Louisville. This is a side note, but relevant to my annoyance: Why was I automatically routed to the Louisville hub?

My account, which is attached to my apartment in Evansville, is also attached to my phone number, which has a Louisville area code. While I understand that area codes are a somewhat logical way to route people to the right office, people move! People move and sometimes don't change their phone number! So it's not practical! And if you have access to people's accounts anyway, why don't you just use the phone number to pull up the address and THEN route them to the right office?

So anyway, after I talked to the girl for several minutes, she asked me for my address and I told her. She said, "Evansville? This is the Louisville office."

I said, "Oh! Did it route me here because of my area code?"

"Mmnooooo, I don't know how you managed to get here, but I can get the Evansville number for you."

Like...I called a generic number, not a 502 number. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Louisville office. Or even if it was a Louisville-specific 800 number, it was the number they gave me, so why would they have done that? And even if I had called the Louisville number on my own, you don't need to be rude about it.

Okay. So whatever, she transferred me and the lady at the Evansville office was very nice. She checked and saw that I was the guy's next stop. We talked about various deals she wanted to offer me and then she said, "Oh! Um, it looks like it's been fixed, actually. He must have done it while we were talking. You poor thing, you didn't even need to be there!"


Are you kidding me?

And then I tell Matt what happened and he says he's sorry I had to wait, but that he could have told me I didn't need to be there for this.

Well. Good thing it was common knowledge.

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