I'm sorry, you can't do your laundry today

Okay. I've been sleeping really late for the past week or so because I just started my new job, which is second shift. I get off at 11 p.m. or so every night, but then I don't want to go to sleep as soon as I get home, so I end up watching TV or browsing the internet until about 3 a.m., then sleeping until about 11 a.m.

This is not ideal, because then I feel rushed getting ready in the morning and I also just don't want to feel like a complete waste of space when I wake up and it's closing in on noon!

So anyway, the goal for the past few days has been to wake up at 9 a.m. This is pretty late considering most office people get to work at either 8 or 9, but it's a time I feel comfortable with. Well, it has not happened. I was so used to sleeping late that I wasn't tired at 12:30, when I was trying to go to sleep. This meant I would give up and bring my computer to bed, which is the worst idea yet, because it just makes you even more awake!

This is a very long-winded way of saying: I was EXTREMELY proud of myself when I actually woke up at 9 this morning. I got dressed and whatnot and was very motivated. I needed to do some laundry and I have plenty of time before I need to leave for work, so I got my clothes all ready and headed over to my apartment complex's laundry facility.

The door was locked.

So my first thought is, why does the door EVER need to be locked? Like, did you have some sort of problem with people who don't live here sneaking in to do their laundry? I don't understand.

But whatever. I thought maybe I needed a key to get in. As annoying as that is, I walked over to the office (which is connected to the laundry facility, but you have to walk all the way around the building to get to it) to ask.

Keep in mind that walking with a full laundry basket is absolutely always awkward.

So ANYWAY, I get to the door of the office building and there's a note on the door that says something to the effect of "We're closed today so the office staff can go to a training session."

ARE you kidding me.

First of all, the laundry room should be open every day, whether the office is open or not.

Secondly, don't you think you could have sent out an email or something to let your residents know that you weren't going to be in the office today and hey, PS, the laundry will be off-limits too?

So I walk all the way back to my apartment with my full load of laundry, which is still, of course, unwashed. I start typing this blog post, but then I remember they gave me a March newsletter when I moved in. 'OF COURSE,' I think, 'It probably says the office is closed today in the newsletter!' So I go find the newsletter and look at the calendar on the back. Nothing says that the office will be closed today. Okay. So I look at the other parts of the newsletter to make sure it's not in any of the rambling paragraphs. It's not. But guess what! They've included a word search.

How very helpful.

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  1. Too bad the laundry wasn't open because you could have done the word search while you did your laundry.