We don't have Uggs or Levi's

Okay, guys. Let's talk about something really serious. It's something I'm worried about.

People don't know the difference between department stores and brand name stores.

Let's go ahead and establish the difference right now.

Department stores carry various lines from various brands. So at Macy's, J. C. Penney, Younkers, Nordstrom, etc., you can find items from different brands.

In brand name stores, you generally only find items from the one brand name. I say generally because sometimes they'll carry a few lines from other brands, but the vast majority of stuff in a brand name store is from that brand.

Okay. So now that we have that down, let's talk about which type of store Old Navy is.

It is a brand name store.

I know all of you know this. You're all super-smart.

But I seriously can't tell you how many people just don't understand it.

What about Old Navy makes people think it's a department store? Its size? The fact that it has clothing for all ages and genders? The fact that there are great deals? What?

Whatever it is, people constantly come in asking for Uggs and Levi's.


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