Sorry, blocking email addresses doesn't work here

Okay. So, remember how I've been having trouble with people not taking me off their email lists?

Well, the girl from the screen captures in that post has NOT STOPPED EMAILING ME.

So. Obnoxious.

I thought about emailing her again, but I decided to be mature and just block her instead. So I did that and assumed everything would be fine.

But no.

I don't think I've ever blocked an email address before, so I don't know if this is normal or just an MSU email thing, but blocking her email address just made her emails go to my trash folder.

This would be absolutely fine except for one little fact.

With MSU's email, when you delete an email without reading it, it still looks like you have an email. Like this:

Then, if you click the plus to the left of "Mail," it expands the list and you can see that the new message is in the trash folder, like this:

So even though this girl's emails are blocked, it shows me I have an email when she sends me an email.

What's the point of the blocking function, then?

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