Mary Jane Skaggs guest blogs: Worst meal ever

Last Sunday, Kevin and I went to Skyline Chili for lunch.

When we go to Skyline, we don't need a menu because we always order the same thing. So when the waitress came to the table, we quickly gave her our order. She brought back our drinks and oyster crackers and we snacked on those while we waited for our food.

About 10 minutes passed and we still didn't have our food. Now, 10 minutes isn't a very long time to wait for your food at most restaurants. But at Skyline, 10 minutes is forever.

We waited patiently because we try to never be rude at restaurants. Finally, our waitress came over and asked Kevin, "You got the five-way, right?" He said yes. The she said, "Okay, here's your receipt. Would you like some drinks to go?"


I said, "We...haven't gotten our food yet."

She seemed a little flustered at her mistake and went off to look for our food. She came back pretty quickly, but the food she brought with her ended up belonging to the people at the table behind us, who had sat down significantly after us.

She went to look for our food again and a different waitress eventually brought us the right order and apologized for our wait.

Our original waitress came and checked on us after we had gotten our food, but she never apologized.

Now, we're not the kind of people who ask for freebies, but I did expect them to give us some sort of discount for this situation. We got our check and there was no discount, but there was only one drink listed. Because we always try to be honest, we mentioned this when we checked out, but we definitely didn't expect them to add it on, seeing as how we'd had so much trouble.

...They did.

The whole thing wasn't a huge deal and it didn't bother us that much, but we were just so baffled at how this whole thing could happen. When she came to give us our receipt, did she not see that we didn't have any plates or anything in front of us? And as she passed by the table during the 10 minutes we were waiting, did it never occur to her that all we had was oyster crackers? And it's not like they were busy!

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