Laura Walker guest blogs: I hate everyone...except Kristin Skaggs

After nearly four years of dedicated service, Kristin Skaggs has left Old Navy. Despite the fact that I am incredibly proud of her for finding a job in her field only two months after her graduation, I am writing this to announce the tiny (who am I kidding, it's not tiny) bit of sadness I will have because of Kristin's departure from Old Navy 5805.

A part-time job at Old Navy is often a fleeting position. Many employees have come and gone. However, Kristin and I (along with a handful of others) have been there for quite some time. With that being said, it's easy to understand the strong coworker relationships that have been established. The inside jokes and relationship norms between us are things that will be dearly missed.

Kristin introduced us to the fat fold, grammatically corrected popular songs from the Old Navy playlist, saucily insulted customers who deserved it, and put together the most fashionable outfits for the Supermodelquins. She could get almost anyone to open up an Old Navy card, and she even invited her friends from outside the world of Old Navy to experience the ridiculousness of customers via this blog.

Kristin is not just a former co-worker to me. She is a dear friend now. And I have a hunch that some of the other Old Navy alumni feel the same. Never again will I walk into work with her "Welcome to work!" greeting that put a smile on my face and made work so much more fun. So let's raise our glasses to Kristin Skaggs, who spent four years at Old Navy and nearly three of them making me happy. Here's hoping her life in the world of journalism comes with even better stories that she will continue to share with us for the rest of her life.

Kristin, you will be missed.

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