Just hanging out on the train tracks, NBD

Today, my parents and I were walking on the part of the Louisville Loop by the Greenwood boat docks.

There are railroad tracks that intersect the walking path at some point, but they're visible for quite a while. There are also several places where roads intersect the path going toward the river.

So do you have the picture in your mind? Okay.

Today, while we were walking, we saw these people walking their dog on the train tracks. Walking. On the train tracks. And they were actually right by one of the roads that intersects both the path and the tracks.

Like, what are you doing over there? Get off the train tracks and come on over to the path.

And honestly, let's just talk about walking on train tracks in general. Why do you want to do this? Why is this an activity that you are choosing to engage in? Walk anywhere else. Choose any other path. Roads, sidewalks, designated walking paths...There are so many options.

Walk somewhere that isn't also a place where trains drive.

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