Jessica Wheeler guest blogs: Just go!

I'm finding that most of my issues with the human race revolve around driving...especially driving in middle Tennessee. Middle Tennessee is a huge melting pot of people from everywhere, and apparently there are different driving rules everywhere, so no one seems to follow the same rules. Plus, we're in the South, which I guess means some people are over-considerate. This can be good, but in some cases it can definitely be bad.

For example, I drive through six 4-way stops on my way to work every morning, and several more times throughout the day because my job requires me to leave the office throughout the day. So about 24 times a day, I stop at a 4-way stop.

The rules of 4-ways stops are pretty easy, right? If you stop first, you go first. So why do people insist on waving me on when they stopped, like, a whole 5 seconds before me? Just go! I understand that sometimes it's hard to tell exactly who stopped first and you do have to wave someone on, but most of the time, it is extremely obvious who stopped first, so just go!

Take today, for instance. This guy stopped at least a few seconds before I even got to the stop sign, so I'm sitting there waiting for him to go. He doesn't go, so I look over at him and he waves me on. Like, thank you, but it's just awkward, not to mention it took longer to sit and wait for you to go, then realize that you weren't going to go, then have you wave me on than if you would have just gone first like you were supposed to.

So yes, if you stop at approximately the same time, be courteous, but if you obviously stop first, save us all some time, and just take your turn and go.

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