I just want to pay my daughter's card off

I talked to a woman on the phone yesterday at work. The conversation went like this:

Her: I was just wondering if I can make a payment for someone else in the store.
Me: A...credit card payment?
Her: Yes.
Me: We actually don't accept payments in the store at all, unfortunately. You can pay online or by mail.
Her: Okay, well I want to make a payment for my daughter, who lives in Maryland. She bought me something and I want to pay her back. I don't have the account number, though, I just have the last four digits on the receipt she sent me.
Me: Gotcha. Well, either way, we can't accept a payment in the store, but even online, you would either have to have the account number or her log-in information.
Her: Okay, how do I get her information?
Me: Um, I guess you would have to ask her.
Her: Oh, I wanted it to be a surprise.
Me: Gotcha. I don't really know if there would be a way because you can't access another person's profile...
Her: Why don't you accept payments in store?

OH MY GOSH, lady. Just give it up. Sorry that we don't accept payments in the store, but...I'm really not sorry at all.

And yeah, I felt like she was being honest, but like, she has to realize why this isn't allowed. You can't just get someone's account number just because you call and claim to be their mother.

Also, how in the WORLD do you expect me to figure out her account number by the last four digits on a receipt? Do you really think I have access to that? Oh, sure, let me just type that into my computer and all her information will just pop right up!

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