Come to my event!

I hate it when people invite every person they know to Facebook events.

Honestly, if I wouldn't personally call or text you to invite you to an event, I'm not going to invite you on Facebook. The only difference is that Facebook is a more convenient way to organize events.

People will seriously invite every person on their friends list to something just because they want to promote it and I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

So here are three questions to ask yourself before you invite someone to an event on Facebook:
  • Does this person live in the city (or at least state) where the event is being held? This can be disregarded if it's something you truly think someone would travel for.
  • Have I spoken to this person (in real life or at LEAST on Facebook) in the past year?
  • Is this person going to be even remotely interested in the event?
And if you can't answer yes to ALL THREE of these questions, you shouldn't invite the person! It's actually really simple.

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