Boyfriend by Best Coast is so dumb

This is the song "Boyfriend" by Best Coast.
I quite enjoy the song and the band. This song is on the Old Navy playlist right now, though, and when songs are on the playlist, I hear them very often, so small nitpicky things that shouldn't really be a big deal start to be a big deal.

There's a line in this song that starts, "The other girl is not like me, she's prettier and skinnier." Now, this complaint can be somewhat valid because the qualities "pretty" and "skinny" are out of our control. I mean, yes, if you feel ugly, you can get a better hairstyle or wear more makeup, and if you feel fat, you can go on a diet, but looks are somewhat integral to who we are, so they aren't completely changeable. So I can understand pining for a boy whose girlfriend is way prettier than you and thinking you don't have a chance.

But the next part of the line goes, "She has a college degree, I dropped out when I was 17." Well geez, then! Do you have anything going for you? Dropping out is your own stupid fault. Maybe you should go to college and then you could get a smart boyfriend like pretty, skinny, degree-having girl over there. Like, I felt a little sorry for you at the beginning, but now I just think you're pathetic.

So if this song is a hypothetical, non-autobiographical song, that is my response.

But if this song is actually supposed to be coming from the singer's perspective, I just have to say: You're the lead singer of Best Coast. I'm pretty sure you're doing fine.

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