Bowles Locksmith Service

I saw this van on my way home from work today.

Let's talk about the decisions you've made here, Bowles Locksmith Services.

First of all, what in the world is happening with these graphics? They're so strange, first of all, but even worse, they're just floating! This camera is not attached to anything! And neither is the lock!

Also, what are these two phone numbers? Is one a fax number? If so, why have you not specified? If not, why do you feel the need to put both phone numbers on your van?

Also, what is going on with your word art logo?

ALSO, what is with the slogan at the bottom? "Let Us Help You Out Or In !!" Really? You don't need to capitalize every word and you really don't need to have a space in between the last word and the exclamation points.

How to fix this: Take both graphics off, put the company name all the way across where the phone numbers are, put ONE phone number where your stupid logo is now, and delete the terrible slogan across the bottom, especially because it's not funny anyway.

I'm really glad I didn't have to see the side of this van.

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