These pants are totally on the wrong hanger

I had a customer right after Christmas who was already annoying, but the following conversation was the icing on the cake.

He was with his wife and they brought up a few items. Two of them were pajama pants that were on hangers. Both of the pants were extra larges, but one was on a medium hanger and one was on a large hanger.

The wife noticed this as her husband handed them to me and she asked him, "Oh, did you check and make sure those were the right size?"

He answered, "Yeah, I always check. I've found that clothes are on the wrong hanger 80% of the time."


Let's take a second here.

80% of the time? How did you come to this number? Did you do a study? Because that's a pretty exact statement to make. He didn't say "about 80% of the time" or "like 80% of the time." He said "80% of the time."

And honestly, I wish he WOULD do a study because I'm pretty confident he would find the percent is actually much, much lower.

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