Rappers make a lot more money than you

I hate it when rappers tell me how rich they are in comparison to me.

Chris Brown did it in "Look At Me Now" and J Cole does it in "Work Out" and it just makes me so angry!

In "Look At Me Now," Chris Brown says, "I get what you get in ten years in two days." In "Work Out," J Cole says, "Just to show up at this party, I made what your n**** make in one year, that's unfair."

Okay, let's be serious. Yes, Chris Brown and J Cole, you probably do make that much more than me. And rubbing it in my face isn't helping. It just makes me sad. And honestly, it makes me even more reluctant to buy your music (although I wasn't really planning on it anyway).

The thing that makes me most angry here is that I think they think this is an exaggeration, and it's really not.

J Cole claims he makes what we make in a year by showing up at a party. Let's think about this. Perez Hilton says DJ Pauly D has a $40,000 appearance fee. So even cutting that in half for someone less popular like J Cole, that's still significantly more than what I make.

Chris Brown's claim is a little more extreme, but I honestly sort of still believe him. Depending on where he is and what he's doing, I strongly believe that he can make several hundred thousand dollars in a two-day span.

It makes me think they don't know how much disparity there is between our incomes. I think if they knew how accurate this was, they wouldn't use it as an insult.

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