Oh really? Are you OBSESSED with concerts?

I want to tell you two stories today.


Once, in one of my journalism classes, we had to introduce ourselves in a visually creative way. I made a children's book, some people made posters, etc.

This one girl (and honestly, I don't even remember the visual element in her presentation) made a huge deal out of the fact that she LOVES going to concerts.

She proved this by telling us how many concerts she has been to.

More than ten.

And she said it like this: "I REALLY love going to concerts; I've been to more than TEN."

Wow. Really? You must REALLY love concerts.

Let's think about this. I've seen more than 80 bands live. This doesn't mean 80 separate concerts, because it includes openers and stuff, but it also doesn't account for bands I've seen more than once.

Now, I don't say this to brag about how many more concerts I've been to than she has.

I say this because I don't think of myself as someone who goes to tons of concerts.

And I've been to like eight times as many as her.


I was at Old Navy one time, folding a table of shirts near some scarves, when two teenagers started looking at the scarves.

Teenager 1 said, "Ooh, these are cute!"

Teenager 2 said, "Yeah, they really are! I'm, like, OBSESSED with scarves. I have, like, six."


Because I have, like, fifteen and I am NOT OBSESSED WITH SCARVES.

So seriously, people. If you're using a number to back up how obsessed with something you are, make sure it's at least slightly excessive.

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