Oh, The Cookie Jar? They're okay.

I'm going to tell you a story that should be a guest blog, but my fiancé didn't want to write it himself.

Okay. So Matt works at The Cookie Jar in Bowling Green, Ohio, which is pretty much the best place ever and chock-full of deliciousness. He mostly does deliveries.

So one day, he's delivering to a business. He's waiting to talk to someone, but they're occupied for the moment. A guy is standing near him and sees the box of cookies in his hand.

Guy: Oh, you're from The Cookie Jar?
Matt: Yeah.
Guy: I've had cookies from there. They're okay. I make all my cookies from scratch.
Matt: ...Yeah, The Cookie Jar does too.

First of all, if someone is in the business of making cookies, they generally make them from scratch. And The Cookie Jar is known for having a cookie of the day that's usually something interesting. (Examples include s'mores, sassy snooki doodle, mint M&M, etc.) So like, these aren't really things you can just make from a mix.

Also, thanks for volunteering this information, bro! It's not like Matt walked into the place with the cookie box over his head, challenging anyone to come up with better cookies than the ones he was holding.

ALSO, I bet your cookies aren't better than the Jar's, which is why you're not in the cookie business and they are.

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  1. Also, rude because dude just essentially insulted the company Matt works for, while Matt was on the job. Like, I'm sure not everyone loves/is proud of where they work. But while I'm in uniform I'm not going to trash on it. So, when you insult the job/company to my face it puts me in a very awkward position. What are expecting me to say here? Am I supposed to agree? Disagree and start some kind of debate with you? I usually go with "I'm sorry you feel that way." But it'd be better if people just kept the unnecessary commentary to themselves. Super rude.