McDonald's remodel

A McDonald's near my house was remodeling a little while ago.

I went through the drive-through once during the remodel and saw this:
So like...I'm supposed to order in the lane on the right, but the lane on the left is the only one of the two that has the menu available? 

I mean, I know you don't really need to see the menu a lot of the time at fast food restaurants because you already know what you want. But it's still kind of important. Sometimes I do have to look at the menu.

And asking questions about a menu you can't see is one of the worst things ever!

Also, how obnoxious was that for the people working the drive-through? It's hard enough to communicate properly in a drive-through under normal conditions. Having to ask a hundred questions about prices and menu items must make it so much worse.

But I think the thing that bothered me most was that the menu was right there in the other line! If that line was going to be closed for the night, why didn't they just scoot all the menu boards over? I can't imagine that it would be difficult.

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