I'm OCD. It means I have to count my money.

So yesterday, I gave a woman $64 in change. She had paid with a $100 bill.

I only had one $20 bill and one $10 bill, so I gave her those, six $5 bills and four $1 bills.

Here's a quick disclaimer. I truly don't mind if you count your change. I absolutely understand the feeling of noticing too late that someone didn't give you enough change back.

But here's the thing. When it's more than a couple of dollars, I always count it twice, and the second time is usually out loud. So if you were paying attention at all, you could have counted it as I was counting it.

And I also hate it when people stay in my line, holding up my other customers, as they count the money. Like, count it as you're walking away, and if there's a problem, just walk back up to the register.

Okay, so this woman yesterday was counting the change I had given her and she was making a big deal of turning all the bills, as if she just felt it was really important to have them all turned the same way.

But she wasn't even turning them all the same way.

I mean, come on, do you think I'm stupid?

And then she says, "Sorry, I'm just a little OCD."

Uh. No. Don't lie to me. You're counting your money to make sure I gave you enough. It's okay, just don't use some elaborate plan to make it look like you're not.

The best part? Ms. OCD over here shoved her stack of bills in her pocket as soon as she got done counting.

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