I'm getting reimbursed for this

I had this customer on Saturday. It was a guy and he was maybe a few years older than me.

I was talking to one of the managers and he came up and asked her, "Um, could someone help me find the sweater vests I was asking about?"

Like, this made it sound like my manager had walked away in the middle of helping him or something, which I was pretty confident she didn't do. She answered, "Oh, I said we don't have them in the store," but walked away with him to help him.

A few minutes later, I had to jump on register to help get the line down. The guy ended up coming to my register with a belt to buy. As I was checking him out, he asked, "Well, if you don't have the sweater vests in the store, how am I supposed to try them on before I order them online?"

I answered, "Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to, but if you order online, you can return things to the store with no problem. The only thing you won't get back is the shipping, but if you spend more than $50, there's no shipping cost anyway."

He answers, "I have to pay SHIPPING?"

"Yes, if you spend less than $50."

"Oh. Well I'm definitely not going to spend $50, I only have $15 on this gift card."

"Okay, well in that case, yes, there would be a shipping fee."

So we're pretty much at the end of the transaction at that point and I tell him his total for the belt, which is $21.20. He hands me the gift card.

Okay. So if you're using the gift card now, it has nothing to do with how much you're spending online, right? Right.

But whatever. He pays for the rest with a debit card and makes sure to ask for a receipt because he's going to get reimbursed by his work.

So I give him his receipt and go back over to the table I was working on.

As soon as he walks out the door, he turns around and comes right back in. The associate on register asks if he can help him. The guy asks, "Um, can I get a receipt without all this extra stuff?"

The associate asks, "What extra stuff?"

"You know, like, this part says there was a gift card and how much was on that and how much was on the debit card. Can I get something without that part?"

Like...no. That's what a receipt is for. We don't have a special "fool your boss into thinking you paid your own money" receipt. Sorry!

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  1. I am baffled that he didn't think he would have to pay shipping for an online purchase. What planet are you from? Also, I don't understand trying on in the store before buying online. If you try it on in the store and like it, why not just buy it then and there? Unless there is some online special, but most places honor online prices if it doesn't match in store.. I am le confused.