I need to read this text message, sorry

Mom and I went to Penn Station one day last week.

There were two employees cleaning the restaurant, but they were doing it very inefficiently. I'm not saying they needed to clean faster, because it was definitely a slow day and I understand that they weren't really needed in the back.

But there's a point where you just need to stop goofing around and do your job.

I'm going to go ahead and draw the line at having your cell phone laying on the table you're cleaning.

Like, seriously? That table is tiny. You could probably clean it in about 30 seconds, but you're taking your sweet time because the text message you're reading is much more important. She was seriously leaning over this table for like two minutes, and the majority of the time, there was no cleaning happening. She was reading her text message/typing on her phone.

Also, the phone is blocking part of the table that you're supposed to be cleaning. She literally never cleaned that part of the table! Not even when she picked the phone up to walk away!

And having your cell phone out on the job is just so unprofessional anyway.

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