I just wanted to make sure you weren't lying to me

Remember when you were young and you would ask one parent something and receive an unfavorable answer, so you would then go ask the other parent to see if you could get a different response?

Customers do that all the time.

Yesterday, I had a woman and her husband who were trying to exchange something without a receipt. We have a grace period after Christmas where you can exchange things without a receipt, but it ended Saturday. As yesterday was Sunday, I told them I was sorry, but they would have to receive a merchandise credit in the mail. They scoffed, told me that was "retarded" and "the dumbest thing" they'd ever heard, and decided to wait and try to find the receipt.

A couple of customers later, I looked over at the line and they were next. "I'm open at one if you guys are ready."

They looked away quickly. When the next register opened up, they went to it and asked my coworker if they could exchange the items they had without the receipt.


I answered you correctly. If you had a problem with my answer, you could have asked to see my manager.

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