I just hate the radio so much

You know I hate the radio.

Lately I've been getting very annoyed by DJs who introduce songs using the word "new" when the songs have been playing on the radio for months. Let's take "Helena Beat" by Foster the People as a quick example. We all agree that "Pumped Up Kicks" is way over at this point, right? Okay.

So I definitely heard "Helena Beat" on the radio more than a month ago because I heard it while I was still in Michigan. I've also heard it multiple times since then.

So it's not new. It's not new in any sense of the word. It came out in July and it's been on the radio for more than a month.

Don't tell me, "Next we're gonna play new Foster the People" and then play "Helena Beat." Is it just new because it's not "Pumped Up Kicks?"

Also, let's talk abut "Pumped Up Kicks" in general. I read about this song in March on a music blog. March. And it wasn't even new then. The blog said it was going to be the song of the summer. I didn't hear it on the radio until August, which is the end of the summer. Why is the radio just forever SO BEHIND?

But anyway, back to "Helena Beat." It's one thing to say, "Foster the People's newest single," but the word "new" in and of itself just does not apply to "Helena Beat" at this point at all.

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