Hold up, you've been charged a fee!

I've been using an app called "Mint" recently. It keeps track of your bank accounts and helps you budget your money.

It helps you manage your budget by tracking where you use your debit or credit cards. So if I use my card at Old Navy, it deducts that amount from my clothing budget, etc.

So anyway, on Thursday, I took $40 out of my account because I didn't have a working debit card at the time. (Yay, fraud!)

Then, on Friday, I got this email:

Like, sorry, you're wrong. There was no fee. I took $40 out of my account. I feel like a fee wouldn't show up as an account withdrawal.

But I'm mostly angry with how they dealt with this.

I feel like this email is designed to scare me. Look at those big bold letters telling me I got charged a fee. It's not, "We think you may have been charged a fee" or, "There was a suspicious withdrawal" or anything. The app is very confident that I was charged a fee.

The worst part, though, is the section at the bottom. "Contact Park FCU to see why." This makes me so very angry.

I know if I was a teller and received a phone call from someone asking why they were charged a fee, only to look at their account and realize it was a withdrawal they had made themselves, I would A) barely be able to contain my laughter, and B) be angry at them for wasting my time.

Rude, Mint. Rude. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that this has happened to.

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  1. I like how "You got charged a fee!" almost looks like you won something. At least that was my first thought.

    I use Mint, too, but I find a lot wrong with it. Unfortunately, I've never found a suitable replacement.