Courtney Bell guest blogs: Anonymous inappropriate texts

At approximately 9 a.m. this past Monday, I was the unfortunate recipient of a very disturbing and unwelcome picture message.

Let me start by emphasizing the fact that I was asleep. Now, I don't know about you, but I like my sleep. I like it even better when it's uninterrupted. For this reason, my phone generally stays on silent, especially during the night. However, at the request of my tornado-fearing mother (there was a severe weather warning), my phone was on loud when this unthinkable event occurred.

Upon hearing the sound of birds chirping (clearly my text alert tone), I checked the text message. Mistake. The text was none other than a very detailed picture of a thick tattooed girl.

Oh yeah, did I mention she was NAKED?

Not only was she naked, but she was also posing awkwardly in front of her bathroom mirror. Now, as you can imagine, I'm annoyed at this point. Not only have I been woken up early on my only day of late classes, I've also now seen more of this anonymous girl than I would ever want to see.

Obviously, I felt obligated to respond. Let me first acknowledge that I'm aware that "Ew" is not the polite response here. It was what my mind was thinking, though, and therefore what my fingers initially texted.

To these words, she immediately responded with, "Who es?" First of all, what does that even mean, really? Secondly, YOU sent me the picture message! I don't have to tell you who I am! You created the situation, so it's only fair that I ask the questions.

After a brief texting conversation, we figured out that a friend of the unknown sender sent the picture without permission. My only thought at that point is, "Why are you letting people scroll through your pictures if you've saved inappropriate images of yourself?" Anyway, she apologized for the mix-up, but let's be honest—the damage is done.

So for all you "sexters" out there: If you must send inappropriate pictures of yourself to others, please, for the sake of the recipient, make sure you have the correct phone number.

Also, just a side note: Thank God I didn't know the girl.

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