Cash my check, already!

I hate, hate, hate waiting for checks to go through.

When it's a person, it's definitely different. I understand that people don't go to the bank all the time, so I cut people some slack if they hold onto checks for awhile.

But businesses have NO EXCUSE.

I picked my car up from the shop last Wednesday and I'm still waiting for my $400 check to be cashed. Like, I know I'm not the only person who's written you a check in the last several days. You should have taken them all on Friday or something, especially since you knew the bank was going to be closed on Monday for MLK day!

Also, many banks are open on Saturday, so you probably could have gone then, too!

Like, you're dealing with large amounts of money here! As a courtesy to your customers, you should at least make an effort to go to the bank by the end of the week.

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