You need to get some boxes.

We don't have boxes at Old Navy. I know people feel entitled to boxes with their purchases this time of year, and I've never understood this sense of entitlement. I've always just thought of it as a nice plus when stores do have them.

So anyway, I don't mind when people ask if we have boxes. I even apologize more politely than is necessary: "No, we don't have boxes at all, unfortunately. I'm sorry about that."

But what really bothers me is when people demand boxes instead. The transaction will be over and they'll say, "Oh, and I'll need boxes for these too."

Oh. Really? Will you need them? I say, "Oh, we don't have any, sorry."

So obnoxious.

Yesterday, though, I had a really special customer. She very awkwardly asked, "Do you have anything like a...a box? For these?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, we don't have boxes at all."

"Well!" she huffed, "You need to do something about that." WITH the emphasis on "you."

OH OKAY. Let me just get right on that because it's clearly up to me. I personally called corporate a couple months ago and told them we needed to NOT carry boxes and they listened to me. So I'll just give them a call and fix it for you real quick.

Anyway, I answer, "Sorry, it's not really up to me..."

She sighs and says, "I know, I know."

Like...do you, really? Because it sounds like you don't.

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