These jeans don't come up past my belly button!

Yesterday, I was on the sales floor helping people. An older couple walked in. I greeted them: "Hi, how are you guys doing?"

The woman answers curtly: "We're fine."

"Great! Do you need help finding anything?"

She snaps, "No."

Well okay, sorry for asking.

I see them about ten minutes later and ask them, "Are you guys still finding everything okay?"

She sighs, "Yes, we're fine!"

Like, I'm just doing my job, lady. I'm supposed to check in with you every time I see you.

Anyway, another ten minutes pass and she walks up to me. "You can help me now."

Oh, really? Can I? Thank goodness, because it's what I've been dying to do ever since you walked in the door.

I say, "Oh okay, what do you need help with?"

She's holding a pair of the Diva jeans, which are our lowest rise.

"I tried these on," she begins, sounding completely exasperated, "and they came up to here!" She points to somewhere along her stomach.

Um. I really don't know what you want from me here. I say, "Did you want them to be higher?"

"Well YEAH! I want them to come to my waist!" She points to a spot well above her belly button.

First of all, sorry for asking you to clarify, but you weren't being clear. You don't need to yell at me to get your point across.

Secondly, I have this conversation with an old person about once a month. They all want their jeans to be super high. It's impossible to get them to accept the way jeans fit now.

But anyway, as I walk her over to the denim wall, I say, "Oh yeah, the style you have there is actually our lowest rise, so you definitely don't want that one."

She interrupts me, "Well I KNOW I don't want this one, I JUST tried it on!"

EXCUSE ME. I was just making conversation. Now I don't want to help you at all.

"...Right. So these are the Sweetheart and the Dreamer, and they're our two highest rises—"

She interrupts me again. "These are $30!"

"Yeah." (The Diva was, too, but I guess she didn't notice that before she tried them on.)

This is where the husband steps in. "We should just go to Coldwater Creek and get you some jeans there, they have much better quality."

It makes me so angry when people try to insult me by insulting the quality of our clothes. Old Navy is not high fashion, nor do we claim to be. We provide basics at a great price. So maybe your Coldwater Creek jeans are slightly "better quality," but it really doesn't matter because Old Navy jeans are still good quality and at a much better price.

Anyway, the wife answers, "Well no, those cost like $200."

Right, thank you for finally being rational.

So they're just standing there staring at the wall, and then they notice that one of the colors of Sweetheart boot cut is on sale. "Hold on, this sign says $19, so does that mean they're all $19?"

"No, it's just that column, see?" I point to where it says, "This column only."

"Oh. Well I'll take that one."

"Are you sure? It's boot cut." (We had already established that she wanted skinny jeans.)

"For $10 cheaper, yeah!"

"Okay, what size do you need?"

"10 short."

Of course, that wash only comes in regular length. I tell her this and she sighs heavily. "I guess it's just not meant to be."

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